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Anxious for what customers are anxious, speed leverage, first-class quality and service.
The packaging is great, with bubbles and vacuum, the quality is as good as ever.
The proofing is very fast, the production and delivery speed is also very fast and timely, and the PCB process is very good.
First time working together, it’s so beautiful.
After several times of proofing and optimization, it finally reached the requirement of small batch. The quality of small batch boards is very good.
I have received it, very good, it is okay. Quality is also good.
The small board is very well done, the price is super favorable, you must give it a thumbs up! great! great!
The speed is still fast, and the quality is still good, that is, the words are clear, the holes are accurate, and the edges of the board are smooth and not pierced.
I have placed an order many times and I am satisfied, but I have never had time to evaluate. Very convenient and fast. Subsequent orders will continue to be placed.
The speed is very fast and the quality is very good. I have done it many times here. The quality is guaranteed. It is very pleasant to communicate with the business staff and will continue to cooperate.
The product has been received and is now in production, with good service attitude, fast production cycle, and quality control in place.
The produced board was received, the price is reasonable, and the quality is good. I hope to cooperate more in the future. I wish business prosperity.
The quality is very good. At first glance, it is the level of the big factory. The board thickness and copper thickness are all up to the standard, the circuit is good, the silk screen is clear, and the ink color is correct.
The circuit has fine workmanship, no defects, no open circuit, short circuit phenomenon, clear silk screen name, after-sales service guarantee, trustworthy board factory.
The board is very good, the handwriting is clear, the paint is bright, the hand feels good, and the paint color is good. Good packaging and express delivery. thank you very much!
It is really not easy to deliver on time after time. It is convenient and fast, and the quality and service are all in place. I have cooperated for more than 3 years and I am very satisfied.
Fast boarding speed, serious and responsible business, timely communication and solution when problems are found, without affecting the production progress, PCB board silk screen is clear.
The PCB model is very delicate, the silk screen is clear, the quality is very good, and the delivery time is also OK. If the price of 0.2 hole 0.25 hole is lowered, it would be better.
Very satisfied, everything reflects the quality of a modern professional, easy to place orders and fast processing.
I am a regular customer. This is a time when I placed a lot of various board orders. The workmanship and printing are very good and the quality is great.