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Social Responsibility

Green factory concept

The treatment of factory waste water and waste gas to reduce the discharge of environmental pollutants, after research and investigation, has been using environmental protection, energy saving and scientific technology to build factories and supporting facilities.

Intellectual Property Protection

Provide customers with intellectual property protection with stricter measures than traditional confidentiality measures. We implement a strict authorization system and detailed access logs within the company to protect customer information.

Environmental policy

Huihe Circuits promises to support environmental protection and implement green manufacturing policies such as rational use of resources and disposal of waste materials. In order to reduce the impact on the environment, Huihe Circuits has formulated the following policies in accordance with environmental protection laws:

Safe Production

Huihe Circuits adheres to safe production and clean production, in accordance with the national environmental protection and safety management system, and attaches importance to the environmental and safety control of the production process and the labor protection of employees.