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Smart Robot PCB

There are various types of electronic robot circuit board designs for intelligent robots, and various types of robots PCBs are required. 

Types of Robot PCB

Huihe Circuits provides customers with diversified PCB circuit boards such as through hole circuit board, blind buried via PCB, through hole circuit board, high frequency printed circuit board and heavy copper PCB.

Classification of robots

Industrial robot

Service robot

Special robot

The basic composition of the robot

Three major parts

Mechanical part

Sensing part

Sensing part

Six subsystems

Drive System

Place a transmission device for each joint, ie each degree of freedom of movement, to make the robot move

Human-computer interaction system

Device for connecting humans and robots and participating in robot control

Environmental interaction system

A system that realizes the interconnection and coordination between the robot and the equipment in the external environment

Control System

Control the actuator of the robot according to the robot signal to complete the required movement and function

Sensory system

Obtain meaningful information about the state of the internal and external environment. Improve the mobility, adaptability and intelligence of the robot

Mechanical structure system

It is composed of three parts: a body, an arm, and an end manipulator. Each large piece has several degrees of freedom, forming a multi-degree-of-freedom mechanical system

Robot technology development trend

With the expansion of robot application fields,The harsh production environment puts forward higher requirements on the weight, volume and flexibility of the robot.At the same time, custom circuit board maker undertaking the continuous improvement of the level of research and development for different types of pcb board, the continuous innovation of process technology and the successive use of new materials, Robots will gradually develop in the direction of miniaturization, lightness and flexibility.


Micro-robots have a great impact on the future, especially in the medical world. For example, the capsule gastroscope robot can control the capsule in the stomach through a magnetic field to achieve a relaxed and comfortable stomach examination. Robot miniaturization will be a development side in the future.


At the CIIF, KUKA brought a new lightweight robot-LBRiisy, and ABB also launched the IRB 1100 lightweight robot, which is ABB’s lightest robot so far. In the future, robots will gradually become lighter.


In recent years, flexible robots have become very popular. Flexible robots are made of relatively soft polymer materials, as well as bio-oriented technology and material generation, which have the characteristics of high flexibility, deformability, and energy absorption.
Since its establishment, Huihe Circuit has introduced high-precision equipment and high-tech talents year by year, continuously improved its technical capabilities, adopted lean production methods, and met the diverse needs of customers for PCB board processing while ensuring punctual delivery.

Huihe Circuits has been constantly striving to improve the quality of processed circuit boards in order to be close to flawless. Huihe Circuits not only has a strict and complete quality control system, but also has sophisticated production and testing equipment. Huihe Circuit’s professional and thoughtful service capabilities and complete quality control system have won Huihe Circuit a good reputation among customers.

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