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Ocean Engineering PCB

The professional engineers of Huihe Circuits ensure that the product orders of offshore engineering customers are completed on time. GPS tracker PCB board, radar PCB, temperature sensor PCB and antenna PCB meet customer expectations in terms of efficiency, quasi-delivery rate, high performance, durability and technical advantages. Inquiry printed circuit boards for sale

Equipment using PCB in marine engineering


The self-adjusting autopilot system highly relies on a very precise electronic program in order to work properly. The system must have heading correction and maintenance, ship stability and maneuverability, while minimizing heading errors and power loss, and manage the use of rudder.

Radar PCB for Marine Engineering

A reliable radar system needs to provide accurate information about the location of other objects in the water body around the ship. It must have a reliable PCB and work in the best way to ensure the safety of the ship.

Maritime ultrashort wave radio

Radio is an important life-saving equipment for ships at sea, especially in the case of long ocean voyages. The safety of crew and passengers on the ship relies on radio and printed circuit boards that can work reliably.

GPS PCB for Marine Engineering

The GPS system allows the crew on the ship to know their location at any point in time, and reliable printed circuits provide protection for this.

Fish finder/sonar

If there is no reliable PCB-based sonar equipment to locate the best fish school, fishermen fishing in the deep sea may get nothing.

Huihe Circuits provides PCB printed circuit boards for equipment used in marine engineering, Huihe Circuits high quality pcb manufacturer is respected by the industry for its rich experience and technical advantages in manufacturing PCB.The professional engineers of Huihe Circuits ensure that customers’ product orders are completed on time, in terms of efficiency, delivery rate, high performance, meet customer expectations in terms of durability and technical advantages.

HUIHE CIRCUITS Provides PCB Manufacturing Service

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