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Multilayer & Double Sided PCB Manufacturer

The dry film of double sided & multilayer printed circuit board is flat and uniform in thickness, with no gaps in the film, moderate exposure and sufficient development, the number of China multilayer PCB board’s layers is up to 28, the line width and line spacing are 3/3mil. HUIHE CIRCUITS’ double sided & multilayer PCB manufacturer has passed ISO9001/ISO13485/IATF16949/UL/RoHS/REACH certification. Contact HUIHE Circuits double sided pcb manufacturer for competitive multilayer PCB price.

Multilayer & Double Sided PCB Board List

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China Double -Sided & Multi Layered PCB Manufacturer

Multilayer & double sided PCB

Double Sided PCB

Double sided printed circuit board only has one dielectric(for example, glass fiber) between two copper foil, all traces are located on two copper layer. China Multi-layer PCB board  is multi double sided circuit board, every two layer has dielectric, and the dielectric is thinner. China Multi-layer PCB board has at least three conducting layers, two of them are on the outer surface, and the remaining layer is integrated into the insulating board.The electrical connection between them is achieved through plated through holes on the cross section of the circuit board.

Multi-layer board is better than single-sided and double sided printed circuit boards on function, but the more layers, the higher the production cost. The longer the processing time, and the more complicated the quality inspection. However, under the cost comparison of the same area, although the cost of Multi-layer circuit boards is higher than that of Single-layer and double PCB, the cost difference between the two is not obvious when considering a variety of factors. With the advancement of technology, PCB printed circuit board have more than 100 layers in PCB industry, which are mainly used for precision aerospace instruments and medical equipment. If you want to know more about double-sided pcb fabrication, China double layer PCB, multilayer PCB price, please do not hesitate to contact HUIHE Circuits 2 layer pcb manufacturer.

Multilayer & double sided PCB

Multilayer Sided PCB

The Difference of Multi-layer Circuit Board and Double-sided PCB

The key difference between multi-layer and double-sided PCBs lies in the number of conductive layers available for electrical connections.

  • Double-sided PCB:

Has two conductive copper layers, one on each side of a single insulating substrate.

Components are typically soldered on the top surface, with wires or jumpers connecting them on the bottom layer.

Offers more routing flexibility compared to single-sided PCBs (which only have one conductive layer).

Suitable for moderately complex circuits with a moderate number of components.

Generally less expensive to manufacture than multi-layer PCBs.

  • Multi-layer PCB:

Contains three or more conductive copper layers sandwiched between insulating material layers.

These layers are connected by plated holes called vias, allowing for connections between layers.

Offers significantly higher complexity and functionality compared to double-sided PCBs.

Enables intricate circuit designs with a high density of components.

Ideal for complex electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, and high-performance electronics.

Generally more expensive to manufacture due to the increased complexity.

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