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Industrial Control PCB

With the continuous development of the “automation equipment + industrial robot operation+custom controller PCB ” mode, the control circuit board markets and control PCB assembly services for electronic and electrical products in the industrial control industry continue to increase. Huihe Circuits’ control board PCB  focuses on the manufacturing of industrial control circuit board, and remote control circuit board for custom temperature controller PCB, custom water level controller PCB and fight controller PCB. Contact us now!

Industry Control PCB Demand

Industrial control equipment usually has high anti-magnetic, dust-proof, anti-shock performance, special bottom plate, strong anti-interference power supply, and continuous long-time working ability. At present, my country has realized the mechanization of industrial development. 5G construction drives the development of downstream Internet of Things and other facilities and technologies, and accelerates the incubation of industrial automation. As an important part of industrial automation, industrial automation control products will surely inherit the rapid development of this emerging market. With the development of automation in industrial control, the degree of electronicization of industrial control equipment has increased, which has given rise to the demand for custom controller PCBs, which are key electronic components in the upstream.

The PCB market demand for industrial control and medical equipment is rising steadily. Many custom circuit board maker are actively exploring and deploying different types of pcb board for industrial robots and high-end medical equipment.

The demand for PCB control board in the industrial control industry is dominated by multilayer printed circuit board and high-rise boards with less than 8 layers, accounting for about 60% of its total demand; among them, high-level boards with 8-16 layers accounted for 20.96% of its total demand, higher than others product. The demand for PCB in the industrial control industry:

Industrial Control Medical PCB Board Demand Proportion

Single/double panel
4 layers
6 layers
8-16 layers
Over 18 layers
Flexible board

Application for Remote Control Circuit Board

Industrial Computer

Industrial instrumentation

Industrial Control Chassis

Industrial gas remote monitoring system

Smart meter

Motion Controller

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