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high tg PCB

High TG PCB, electric circuit board Glass transition temperature Tg≥170℃, electric circuit board High heat resistance is suitable for lead-free process, electric circuit board Used in instrumentation, microwave radio frequency equipment. HUIHE CIRCUITS High TG PCB has passed ISO9001 / ISO13485 /IATF16949 / UL/RoHS /REACH certification.

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What is a High TG PCB?

Usually PCB circuit boards with Tg ≥ 170°C are called high Tg circuit boards. Generally, the PCB TG of the plate is above 130 degrees, the PCB high TG is generally greater than 170 degrees, and the medium Tg is about greater than 150 degrees. The Tg of the substrate is increased, and the characteristics of the heat resistance, moisture resistance, chemical resistance, and stability of the circuit board will be improved and improved. TG [TG: The highest temperature at which the base material maintains rigidity (℃)],The higher the value, the better the temperature resistance of the board.

Advantages of using high Tg PCB?

PCB substrate materials will soften, deform, melt and other phenomena at high temperatures, and at the same time, they will also show a sharp decline in mechanical and electrical properties for different types of pcb boards. Therefore, the difference between general FR4 circuit board and high Tg FR-4 is the mechanical strength, dimensional stability, adhesion, water absorption, thermal decomposition, There are differences in various conditions such as thermal expansion, and high Tg products are obviously better than ordinary PCB substrate materials.

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