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high frequency PCB

High frequency printed circuit board, High frequency pcb low dielectric constant, high transmission rate, high frequency pcb low dissipation factor, less dielectric loss,High frequency pcb apply to 5G, rail transport and internet of things industry. HUIHE CIRCUITS high frequency PCB has passed ISO9001/ ISO13485 /IATF16949 /UL /RoHS/REACH certification.

high frequency PCB List

FR4 circuit board, how to distinguish between ordinary board and High Frequency PCB?

The high-frequency board is pressed with a whole piece of epoxy glass cloth, and the color of the whole board is relatively uniform and bright; at the fracture, you can easily see the white powder with the color of rice by scraping it with your hand or other tools. White. The density is higher than that of ordinary FR4 board, and the weight is heavier.

Ordinary FR4 PCB Board is made of glass fiber board (composite board). The color of the back substrate is different. Large stripes can be seen on the back of the entire board. Check for different types of PCB boards.

What failure phenomenon will occur when the performance of the high-frequency board is poor

The poor performance of the high-frequency board is mainly due to the low dielectric constant value which affects the working stability of the high-frequency circuit. It may cause signal attenuation, frequency offset drift, and severely stop vibration. The overall electrical performance index is reduced.

What are the common types of high-frequency boards?

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