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Heavy Copper PCB Manufacturer

Heavy Copper PCB, pcb fabrication up to 12oz, large current, pcb fabrication base material is FR4/Teflon/Ceramic, pcb fabrication used in high-power power supply and motor circuits products. HUIHE CIRCUITS is one of the heavy copper PCB manufacturers, we have passed ISO9001/ISO13485/IATF16949/UL/RoHS/REACH certification.If you want to know more about thick copper pcb, heavy copper pcb, please contact HUIHE Circuits heavy copper pcb manufacturer.

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The Heavy Copper PCB plating process must achieve the following aspects:

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Applications Of Heavy Copper PCB

Heavy copper PCBs shine in applications that demand  high power and efficient heat management. Here are some key areas where they are widely used:

  • Power Electronics: This is a major domain for heavy copper PCBs. They are ideal for  power supplies, motor controllers, and other high-current devices. Their ability to handle large currents and dissipate heat effectively makes them perfect for these applications.
  • Industrial Automation:  Industrial equipment often involves high-power motors, drives, and converters. Heavy copper PCBs  ensure smooth operation by  handling substantial currents and  dissipating the generated heat.
  • Automotive Industry: Modern vehicles  use  increasingly complex electronic systems,  including  power converters  and  inverters.  Heavy copper PCBs provide the necessary  current capacity and thermal management  for these applications.
  • Aerospace and Defense:  These sectors  demand  reliable and high-performance electronics.  Heavy copper PCBs meet these needs with their  superior current handling and heat dissipation.
  • Other Applications:  They can also be found in  welding equipment,  power distribution units,  power line monitors,  torque controls, overload relays, and protection relays.

Overall, anywhere you need a PCB to handle significant power and manage the resulting heat, heavy copper PCBs are a strong choice.

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