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half hole & through hole pcb

Through hole circuit board & half hole PCB, no copper burr residue or warpage in half hole, reduce connectors and save space, apply to Bluetooth module and Signal receiver products. HUIHE CIRCUITS PCB board with holes apply to Bluetooth module and Signal receiver products. Our PCB products have passed ISO9001/ISO13485/IATF16949/UL/RoHS/REACH certification.

half hole & through hole PCB List

Production process of metallized half-hole PCB

For the front inversion, to prevent the quality of the product and the need to make corrections in the later process, the production process of this type of board is processed according to the following process: a drilling (drilling, gong groove-plate surface plating-external Optical imaging-pattern plating-co-drying-half-hole processing-film stripping, etching, tin stripping-other processes-shape

Main points of metallized half-hole PCB production

The specific metallized PCB half holes are processed in the following way: all metallized half-hole PCB holes must be drilled in the pattern after plating, and one hole at the intersection of the two ends of the half-hole should be drilled before etching.

The designer's suggestion when designing the circuit

Change the distance from the edge line to the hole center. The general design is to place the hole center on the edge line and move the control center down. For example, the diameter of the hole is 1.4mm, the distance between the two holes is 2.54mm, and the board edge The distance between the line is 0.33mm from the center of the through hole, and the thickness of the plate is 0.6mm. The angle between the tangent to the cut point of the wall and the track of the milling cutter was 90 degrees before, but this time it is about 60 degrees. Because the board edge line is at a certain distance from the center of the through hole, the cutting angle of the milling cutter is changed, and the board thickness is extremely small, so the copper in the hole is not easily pulled out. The simultaneous improvement of small batch pcb design and production can greatly improve the production yield of PCB half-hole boards.

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