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What is the minimum line width and line spacing of the circuit board?


What is the maximum number of layers of the circuit board?

28 Layers.

What is the minimum size hole of the outer layer/inner layer?

0.20 mm.

What is the highest finished copper thickness?


What is your PCB production standard?

IPC-A-600H Ⅱ, IPC-A-600H Ⅲ.

Does the PCB comply with the RoHS standard?


What is the size limit?

Maximum circuit board size is 580mm x 800mm.

Is there a minimum order quantity for PCB orders?

There is no MOQ for PCB on our side.

Can I increase the number of orders after the order is placed?


Is it possible to provide VAT invoices for orders?


Do you provide free samples?

After the repurchase order reaches a certain quantity, the proofing fee can be refunded.

What kinds of express delivery options are available?

SF Express, Leapfrog and the 4 major domestic express companies.

How can I send you the PCB file?

Contact us directly through the contact information on the contact us page.

What are the payment methods?

For public transfer, corporate Alipay payment, and other negotiated payment methods.

How do I order and get a quotation?

You can consult and get a quote by phone, QQ, email, online chat.

Where is your circuit board produced?

Our company has two production bases, located in Shenzhen and Jiangxi, both of which are our own factories.

What documents do you need? Do you accept files in PCB format?

We accept Gerber and PCB files.

When will I receive the goods?

If it is sent by SF Express or across express, PCB delivery will take 1-2 days, and other express delivery will take 3-4 days.

I just placed two orders, can I ship them together?

Yes, please provide the order contract number to the relevant personnel of our company. Our company will recalculate the freight according to the weight of the goods.

Is it possible to produce flexible PCBs, flexible and rigid PCBs?

Yes, please send us the Gerber file together with the complete specification of your requirements, and we will arrange a quotation.

I want to place a big order, but I need to check your quality first, can I?

Yes, you can make a proofing order first. Carry out a quality check and let us know if you want to continue mass production.

What are the working hours?

The working hours are as follows (China time zone): Monday to Saturday 9:00 am – 18:30 pm, except statutory holidays (if you have special needs, please feel free to contact).

I ordered 300 PCBs, can I ship 150 PCBs first?

Of course, we can ship any number of PCBs you need, and additional shipping will be charged for partial shipments.

What if there is a problem with the PCB board? Do you provide rework?

Please send the high-resolution image of your circuit board to our staff for evaluation. Once confirmed that the problem is caused by us, we will take the responsibility and repair your PCB products.

What is the estimated lead time for PCB?

The delivery time of batch PCB depends on the number of production layers and the order area. The delivery time of proofing PCB is 1-3 working days. When choosing a different delivery cycle, the PCB price will be different.

I need to know that you have the ability to produce my circuit board. Can you review the PCB file first?

We have the ability to produce many kinds of circuit boards. Please check the PCB process capability form on our official website first, or consult our staff, if our company has any questions during the process of reviewing PCB files, we will contact you in time.

How about PCB manufacturing capacity?

We can manufacture many kinds of PCBs for our customers. If you find that your PCB has special requirements, or you are not sure whether our company is capable of producing, please contact us and attach your Gerber file and all other documents for us to evaluate whether it can be produced.

How to calculate the delivery date of an order?

The delivery time is calculated from the next working day after receipt of payment and confirmation documents. It does not include weekends, statutory holidays and transportation time. Therefore, orders on Sundays and public holidays will be calculated on the next working day (except for urgent orders).

I need to change the PCB file of the order, what should I do?

If the order has not been confirmed, you can change the file for free. After the order is confirmed and production is arranged, changing the PCB file may cause the online PCB product to be scrapped. Our company will charge a certain scrap cost as the case may be. Please also send the updated PCB file and order number to our staff.

Can we expeditiously produce PCB?

Yes, if you have an urgent request, we can shorten the delivery time and will charge an appropriate amount of expedited fees. For conventional single-layer and double-layer PCBs, the shortest lead time is 1 day. For conventional multilayer PCBs, the shortest lead time is 2-3 days. For details, please consult our customer service staff.

I placed an order a few days ago, but I haven't received any emails, what should I do?

If your documents do not require any confirmation, then you will receive a notification email about the delivery date and quotation within 1 working day after placing the order. If you do not receive the mail, it may be that the mail we sent was transferred to the junk folder of your mailbox. Please check and add our mailbox to your safe sender list. If you do not receive our reply within 1 working day, please contact us to obtain the status of the order.