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PCB production equipment

Cut the rolled PP into small pieces according to MI requirements and press them together

PP cutting machine

Clean the board surface and form a protective film on the copper surface to enhance the bonding force with the PP sheet and prevent exposure to the board

Browning line

Through heat transfer and pressurization to a certain temperature, the necessary production equipment for PP, core board, and copper foil to adhere to the multilayer board in the corresponding time

Laminating Machine

Drill holes according to the drill belt data to achieve the purpose of hierarchical interconnection

Drilling Machine

Remove residual glue in the hole, and attach chemical copper to the substrate in the hole by activating the hole wall to increase the adhesion of the hole wall

PTH production line

Round the edge of the board at right angles to prevent the triangle scratches between the boards

Angle grinder

The phosphor copper ball is transferred to the hole and the board surface under the action of direct current. Fully automatic production line, the copper thickness is guaranteed

Automatic plating line

Automatic production line, integrated film removal + etching + tin removal

SES production line

Pass the exposed board through the machine, remove the unexposed ink, and keep the circuit required by the customer

Outer circuit developing machine

Sundries and oil stains on cleaned panels

Chemical cleaning line

Coat a layer of photosensitive ink evenly on the cleaned board, and pass it through a tunnel oven to dry it. The fully automatic production line avoids uneven coating and reduces poor exposure

Automatic coating machine

Transfer the graphics required by the customer to the board through the film, which can automatically identify the line to avoid line errors

CCD Exposure Machine

The exposed panels are developed, etched, film-removed and other processes to make the required graphics, fully automatic production line

DES production line

Automatic filming, attaching the dry film to the copper surface, reducing manual errors

Automatic laminating machine

Retrieve data directly, scan out the required graphics on the surface of the film, with automatic compensation function, automatic exposure, no film required

LDI automatic laser scanning line machine

Automatic filming, attaching the dry film to the copper surface, reducing manual errors

legend printed machine

According to the requirements of the engineering data, the working plate is divided into the size required by the customer through the gong knife

Routing Machine

Clean the board dust, foreign matter, and oil to prepare for the subsequent test

Plate washer

PCB testing equipment

Optical scanning detection, repair, replacement of visual inspection, optical scanning, higher accuracy

AOI inspection machine

Use the test frame to detect the open and short circuit of the board, which is used in batches to test whether the board has functional problems

Test machine

Use the test rack to automatically detect the open and short circuit of the board through the setting program, which is used in batches to test whether the board has functional problems

Automatic test machine

Move the test pin back and forth through the data to detect the on-off of the board, which is suitable for samples and small batches, and test whether the board is open or short

Flying probe test machine

According to the data, test the expansion and shrinkage of the board and whether the size is abnormal

Two-dimensional inspection machine

Analyze, measure and detect the deviation of each layer of the target before the lamination process and after the drilling process to find process errors in advance to avoid batch quality problems

x-ray inspection machine

Ensure the accuracy of the test analysis and the reliability of the identified products, control the quality of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, and ensure the quality of shipments

Physical Chemistry Laboratory

Quality inspection of the appearance of the product, to ensure the product specifications and requirements, and to meet the quality requirements of customers


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