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blind buried vias & hdi pcb

Blind & Buried Via Board, use micro blind vias to increase the trace distribution density. Improve radio frequency, electromagnetic wave interference and hear conduction. Apply to computer server, mobile phone and digital camera products.HUIHE CIRCUITS Blind & Buried Via Board has passed ISO9001 / ISO13485 /IATF16949 / UL /RoHS / REACH certification.

blind buried vias & hdi PCB List

Are PCB boards with blind and buried vias called HDI boards?

HDI boards are high-density interconnection circuit boards. The boards that are plated with blind holes and then laminated are all HDI boards, which are divided into first-order, second-order, third-order, fourth-order, and fifth-order HDI. Simple buried vias are not necessarily HDI. .

The difference between HDI board and ordinary PCB

Through Hole

Blind Via Hole

Buried hole

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