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HUIHE CIRCUITS has focused on Printed Circuit Board manufacturing for more than 10 years with a professional engineering team and experienced production team

PCB Board

With the help of a technology development team for professional pcb manufacturing, HUIHE Circuits has mastered advanced technology in the PCB industry, we own reliable production equipment, test machine and fully functional P&C lab. Our products include 2-28 layers, high TG, heavy copper, high frequency, mixed-dielectric laminate and buried & blind via board

Multilayer pcb Min trace width/space is 3/3mil
Multilayer pcb Min hole size is 0.1mm
Multilayer pcb Used in Industrial Control and Consumer Electronics
No copper burr residue or warpage in half hole
Reduce connectors and save space
Apply to Bluetooth module and Signal receiver products
Hdi pcb Use micro blind vias to increase the trace distribution density
Hdi pcb Improve radio frequency, electromagnetic wave interference and hear conduction
Hdi pcb Apply to computer server, mobile phone and digital camera products
Pcb circuit strictly control the trace width, thickness and dielectric thickness
Pcb circuit tolerance of impedance trace ≤±5% is better for impedance matching
Pcb circuit apply to High-frequency/high-speed devices and 5G communication equipment
High frequency pcb low dielectric constant, high transmission rate
High frequency pcb low dissipation factor, less dielectric loss
High frequency pcb apply to 5G, rail transport and internet of things industry
Pcb fabrication up to 12oz, large current
Pcb fabrication base material is FR4/Teflon/Ceramic
Pcb fabrication used in high-power power supply and motor circuits products
Using copper plating or epoxy to fill holesfor circuit board factor,
Prevent solder paste or flux from flowing into the via in pad,
Avoid solder ball getting into via or solder mask cover on pad and cause false soldering.
Electric circuit board Glass transition temperature Tg≥170℃
Electric circuit board High heat resistance is suitable for lead-free process
Electric circuit board Used in instrumentation, microwave radio frequency equipment.
Flex board and rigid board connect after lamination and other processes,
according to relevant technology requirements.
The formed board has both FPC and PCB characteristics.
Used in Medical, Aerospace, and Telecommunication Industry.

PCB Manufacturing Service

PCB Prototyping

PCB Prototyping

97% on-time delivery ratio.
Customer service response within 20H.
A Class base material, Kingboard, Shengyi, Rogers, Arlon, etc.
Famous Solder mask ink, Taiyo, Guangxin.

PCB Big Volume

Wholly-owned factory.
Monthly production capacity : 35000 sqm.
Factory area : 12000 sqm.
Engineers with more than 20 years experience.
PCB Big Volume

PCB Application Field

As a leading role in PCB industry, HUIHE Circuits produces boards widely used in communications, computers, industrial control, power electronics, medical equipment, security electronics, consumer electronics and automotive electronics, and won customers’ trust.


An important sign to measure the level of modern cars.



Basic conditions for improving the level of medical science and technology.



Basic conditions for moving towards gigabit mobile networks and artificial intelligence.



Electrical products for personal and family use.


Rail Transit

Transportation system run on specific tracks.

Marine Engineering

Ocean Engineering

Extension of the coastline to the sea.

Smart Robot

Intelligent Robot

A unique "living creature" for self-control.

Industrial Control

Industrial Control

"Automation equipment + industrial robot" production mode.

About HUIHE Circuits

About HUIHE Circuits
HUIHE Circuits is a professional manufacturer for 2-28L high-density printed circuit board, from prototype to mass production. We have a wholly-owned factory in Jiangxi, China. The plant area is 12,000 square meters. We are committed to providing high quality circuit boards in the industry. To ensure this, we maintain a variety of certifications, ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO13485, OHSAS18001, UL, RoHS and REACH.


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